[tapp video] – How to edit, delete, reorder and create new tapp notifications

We pre-filled the app with a few notifications as examples and a guide to make tapp most effective for you.

Some of them may not be relevant, or you might wish to edit the ones provided or simply create your own new ones like these. All of it can be done with the ‘edit’ available on any tapp screen on its top right up above. Here is a how to video that will walk you through the details

[tapp] Can I use group notifications for commercial use?

You can send a notification to any group in your address book as long as they are connected to you on addappt.

[iPhone] I really liked emailing photos via addappt with my close friends and family as a group. When I swipe the group, I don’t see the photo sharing icon anymore.

The photo sending option is still available for groups.  Just tap on the group and look for the communication options at the top of the contact list. Photo sharing is at the top right.


[tapp] Can I send tapp messages to a group?

Yes, from iOS devices only, for now.

[tapp] Do you save the notifications I send on the server?

No, tapp notifications are never saved on our server, ever.


[tapp] Can I edit the list of notifications that addappt provides?

Yes, tap “Edit” then you can delete, edit, or rearrange notifications.  Hold and drag the three lines on the right (in iOS and left in Android) of the notification to rearrange it.

[tapp] Can I add an emoji to the horizontal list provided?

No, but you can create a custom notification using any emoji from your keyboard.

[tapp] How do I put an emoji in my custom notification?

In the edit mode, you can add any emoji available on the tapp screen or use your keyboard.

[For iOS, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add new keyboard > emoji]

[tapp] How many characters can each notification contain?

There is a limit of 100 characters.

[tapp] How do I create a custom notification?

Tap “Edit” in the top right side of the tapp screen, then type your notification into the text field provided. Click “Done” in the upper right corner when you are finished. Your message will be saved.

[tapp] Can I send a tapp notification to a non-addappt user?

No, you can only send them to addappt users who are connected to you.

[tapp] How can I use tapp with groups?

Here are just a few examples:

  • Notifications for clubs: Book group tomorrow at 5; Soccer practice cancelled
  • Greetings: Happy Thanksgiving! Good morning! TGIF!
  • Invitations/Offers: Anyone want to go for a ride?; Free boxes, etc.
  • Seek referrals to a babysitter or recycle the stuff you might wan to give away with your neighbors
[tapp] How can I use tapp with individuals?
  • Reminders: Dinner at 6;  Please buy milk; Bring a snack, etc.
  • Frequent messages: Leaving the office now; Running late; Traffic is bad; etc.
  • Greetings: use it as alight way to communicate that you are thinking of them with a ‘Good  Morning’ or an emoji for example

and of course, you can use it to have a back and forth conversation as well

[tapp] How do I send a tapp notification?

From the list view or from the Favorites, swipe to the right on the contact. The bottom icon (a bell) is for tapp. Touch the icon and the tapp window will open, showing the contact/group you will be sending the tapp notification to. You can see a row of emoji, a text field and existing notifications. Write your own notification or use one of the existing ones. NB: s soon as you touch an existing message or emoji it will send!


[tapp] What is tapp?

Tapp is a free notification service. It uses very little data to send notifications to addappt connections (using wifi or cellular data). You can cultivate your own list of messages to send. The history of your notifications to any connection is not saved, nor are any notifications saved on our servers.


[iPhone] How do I get to Recents?

Pull right and hold from the Favorites view. When you release, it wll switch to Recents (and vice versa to get back to Favorites).

[iPhone and Android] Can I clear my Favorites?

You can edit who appears as a favorite, by swiping to the end of your favorites list, tapping “Edit Favorites” and then selecting (or de-selecting) contacts. Tap “Update” to save changes.

[iPhone] Can I clear my Recents?

Yes, tap the “x” by Recents and you will have the option to clear all Recents.

[iPhone] When does someone appear as a “Recent”?

A contact that you have recently contacted via addappt, or viewed, created or edited in addappt will appear as a Recent.

[iPhone and Android] Can I change the order of my Favorites?

Press and hold the contact you want to move. It will grow larger and then you can move it to your preferred position.

[iPhone and Android] How do I add favorites?

Tap the pencil icon (“Edit Favorites”) and select your favorites from all your contacts. Then tap “Update”.

How do I invite friends to addappt? I am also worried about spam.

addappt does NOT spam, will NOT spam. Never. Ever. You can also read more about our promise here

Here is exactly the steps you will see when you invite friends to addappt with you from within addappt. The screens used are that of Android but they are exactly the same for our iOS app.

1. Tap the ‘invite’ icon



2. All friends selected by default. Tap ‘Deselect all’ if you wish to select individually by scrolling or search


3. Individual friends selected – tap ‘ Send Invite’


4. Edit email if needed and then send this email.



Every step is clearly marked as an invite with an option to opt-out whenever needed.

Where can I read third party reviews of addappt?

addappt has been reviewed very positively by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ABC News, Forbes, LA Times, CNN and received numerous recognitions. Please visit our press page here to read more.

What does addappt do?

addappt is a free address book app that enables friends to maintain their own information in each others’ address books – privately.

Once you connect privately, whenever your friends update their information, addappt automatically updates with their new information and updates your native phone contact list.

Can I replace my phone’s address book with addappt?

Yes. addappt can be used as your primary address book since it syncs with your phone – so all contacts, edits, new additions and updates appear in both places.

Furthermore, it is easier to call, text or email your contacts from your list or search results.

Why do I need addappt?

Your address book, in one place, has your business contacts, your friends, your college buddies, your acquaintances and your family – addappt enables you to always have their latest information automatically and privately.

During holidays, big events like weddings, parties, family reunions or play dates, we often look for home/ mailing addresses – addappt is the easiest way to get it and always have it up-to-date.

Very importantly, you do not have to ‘maintain it’ like other social networks. With addappt, your social network maintains ‘itself’.

How do I get started?

1. Download the app from iPhone’s app store here or Google Play here

2. Verify your email address – it is what identifies users on addappt and used to connect them.

3. Connect with your friends – invite your friends to addappt from within the app. They will see your request to connect once as they sign in.

Once you are connected, any changes you make to your own contact information (identified as ‘Me – My Shared Information’ in the app) is updated in their address book and vice versa.

I can’t find my verification link or code to sign in. What do I do?

If you did not receive an email almost instantly, please check your spam folder.

If you can’t find it, email us at help@addappt.com and we will get you all set up.

Why does addappt verify the email address?

It is important to ensure the safety and privacy of our users.

[Edited for clarification]

Each of us (you, us, our friends ..) individually share our contact information with friends, clients, colleagues and businesses offline and off of addappt. Any given email address is currently available in many databases – from address books to corporate databases. For example, we all know the email of Bill Gates but no one can be him on addappt.

Why? addappt sends the verification email to his Inbox, to which only Bill Gates has access.

We protect the identity of our users even though it causes some friction signing up for our service.

Many apps spam entire address books without the user’s knowledge – I am concerned.

addappt has one core value – we will treat you the way we wish to be treated.

addappt is very personal to us and we take a lot of pride in it- it is a reflection of who we are and not just a business.

We will never ever do anything unethical and anything that loses your trust in us.

We will never ever spam your address book – our invitations to your friends are all very explicit opt-in along every step.

How do users connect on addappt?

addappt users are identified and connected by the emails (only those verified) found in address books automatically.

To send a connection request, simply add another user’s verified email to addappt as a regular new contact.

If you already have another user’s email that they had verified with addappt, they would automatically receive a request.

We are friends who recently graduated – how do I connect with them so that I can keep track of their new jobs and location?  

1. Tap the invite icon on the top of the home screen or any ‘addappted’ screen

2. Search for each friend by their name

3. Tap to select each individually and repeat until you are done

4. Tap ‘Send Invite’

5. A new email composer will appear with the friends selected in bcc – send it

6. Once they sign up, they will see your ‘connection request’ and when they accept, you will be connected.

I am with somebody I just met at an event want to exchange our contact info – how do I do it?

1. Ask them to go to addappt.com/download on their smart phone

2. Have them download addappt for the iPhone or Android

3. Once they sign up, add the email they verified with addappt as a regular new contact in addappt on your phone. addappt will automatically send them a ‘connection request’.

You can confirm by going to ‘addappted’ > ‘Requested’.

4. Once they accept, you will be connected. You both will instantly exchange the rich contact information you provide for yourselves under ‘Me – My Shared Information’

Also, now any changes you make to your own contact information will be updated on your friend’s address book privately and vice versa.

I met somebody new yesterday and want their contact info – how do I do it?

To connect and exchange contact information, you will need at least their email in your contact list. On the iPhone, you can send invites by text as well.

1. Tap the invite icon available on the top of the home screen or any ‘addappted’ screen

2. Search that friend by their name

3. Tap to select that contact

4. Tap ‘Send Invite’

5. A new email will appear prefilled with the individuals email – send that email

6. Once they sign up, they will see your ‘connection request’ and when they accept, you will be connected.

I have a friend using addappt – How do I connect with them?

Request them to add the email you verified on addappt in their contact list – addappt will automatically send you a request to connect.

Once you accept their request, they will get the rest of your information, which you provide, without having to type anything.

I have a friend using addappt – I have their email and sent them an ‘invite’ from the app and we are still not connected. Why?

Ensure you have the email they verified on addappt listed in your address book – we ONLY use verified emails to match users for the privacy and safety of our users.

Once the verified email is added, the app will automatically send a request to connect.

[‘Invites’ in the app are applicable only for your contacts NOT using addappt]

On one of the Tabs, what does ‘Requests’ mean?

The users listed on this screen have one of your your verified contact information in their address book and you do not. Approve to connect with them.

How do I know what information my friend has updated?

When you view the friend’s contact details after they made an update the first time, updated information will be indicated by orange colored font.

New photos are shown by an animated note on top of it.

How do I know a friend has made any changes?

Updates from friends are reflected by orange badges on the ‘addappted’ list on the home screen. For Android phones, ‘updated’ is a dedicated list and on iPhones, it is listed up on top of the ‘Connected’ list under ‘Updates’

How do I add a new contact in addappt?

Look for the ‘+’ icon on the home screen or on ‘All Contacts’

How do I edit a contact in addappt?

Look for the ‘pencil’ icon on the top right of a contact.

Can I edit the information of a friend connected to me?

Yes – you can add any information you wish to their information and it will never be altered.

It will not change the information provided by your friend and it will remain private in your address book.

I know my friend has another number that doesn’t appear in his shared contact information – can I add it?  

Of course, along with any other information you know about them. addappt is your address book and you can add any information you want. It stays private in your address book.

I have lost all my contacts and changed my device – what happens to my connections when sign in into addappt on the new device?

If you have lost all your contacts and sign in into addappt, all your connected contacts will reappear under ‘Connection Requests’. Accept them all again and you will have their full contact information again in your address book.

In other words, you will never lose the contact information of those you connect with – they serve as a backup

How does addappt modify my phone’s address book?

addappt updates your phone’s address book with your friends’ latest contact information.

It seamlessly syncs with your native address book so if you add, edit or delete a regular contact in addappt, it is modified accordingly in your phone’s address book and vice versa.

Does addappt store my address book on the servers?

No – addappt does not store anyone’s address book on the servers.

Addappt only stores each user’s own contact information, which allows addappt to update the user’s friends.

If addappt is free to use and will not sell my data, how will it pay its bills?

addappt will add premium features that will be activated by in-app purchases.  

Do people see who I am connected with on addappt?

No – addappt is completely private

Which mobile platforms is addappt available on?

addappt is currently available on iPhone and Android phones.

If you wish to have it available on other platforms, send us an email suggesting the platform: help@addappt.com

Who are the people behind addappt?

Please see our ‘About’ section here

[iPhone and Android] How To: Add a new contact in addappt

Tap the ‘+’ icon on the title navigation bar up on top from the ‘Contacts’ tab or add a new contact within a group by tapping the ‘+’ icon within your group

[iPhone & Android] How To: Get local time for each contact

It works exactly same way on Android.

[Android] About the Android App

For the basics and a general overview applicable to Android, please go to the Basics tab.  

Our Android app currently enables two things:

1) connect with your friends who are using Android or iPhone so that you always have their updated information.

2) use addappt as a replacement for your native address book since it is easier to call, text or email from addappt and just faster.

We have recently launched addappt on Android and intend to add more functionality to it soon.

If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at help@addappt.com

[iPhone and Android] How is the local time determined for a contact?

Local time is determined by the primary address available/ manually entered (based on city and country) for that contact. It is NOT based on one’s location.

[iPhone] How do I select a contact as my “shake to call” number?

Tap the ‘More’ icon with three dots on their contact page so that it opens to reveal the shake to call button. When you tap the shake to call button, follow the guidance to choose which number.

[iPhone and Android] Can I create new groups within addappt?

Yes you can.

On the Home screen, tap the ‘pencil’ icon on the right of ‘My Groups’ right above ‘All Contacts’.

Then tap ‘New Group’ you see on top. Type the name and tap ‘Done’ on the top right

[iPhone and Android] Can I rename Groups within addappt?



On the Groups tab, tap the ‘pencil’ icon on the top right to edit.
Tap the group you wish to rename.


On the Groups tab, swipe left across the group you wish to rename.
Tap the pencil icon to edit the name

[iPhone and Android] How do I add my contacts to a group?

There are two ways – individually and in bulk.

– Individually (iOS only)

Go to the individual contact page and tap the ‘More’ circular icon on the photo on the left of the name.

Tap the ‘add to group’ icon

tap on one or more groups and tap ‘Done’

– Bulk (iOS and Android)

From the home screen, tap the group to which you wish to add contacts (which could be a new group you just created)

Tap the ‘pencil’ icon on the top on the right

Scroll and select as many contacts as you wish and tap ‘Update Group’

or instead of scrolling and selecting multiple contacts at once, use search.

Tap ‘Search’ icon on the top right

Enter a ‘Last Name’ (perfect for family groups) or ‘Company Name’ (great to create a group of peers or alums) or ‘Job Title’ (relevant if you are in sales) or ‘City’ (when you are traveling to a city and want to catch up with people) and tap ‘search’ on the keyboard.

Tap ‘select all’ and then tap ‘update group’

[iPhone and Android] How do I create a group of my peers or alums from my prior company?

1. Create a new group by tapping ‘+’ on the Groups tab

2. Tap on that group

3. Tap on the pencil icon on the top right to edit the group

4. Tap ‘search’ icon on the top right, enter ‘CIO’ and then tap ‘search’ on the keyboard

5. Tap ‘Select all’

6. Tap ‘Update Group’

[iPhone and Android] I am in sales and I want to create a group of my contacts who are CIOs – how do I do that?

1. Create a new group (say ‘CIOs’) as shown in this video

2. Tap on that group from the home screen

3. Tap on the pencil icon on the top right to edit the group

4. Tap the ‘search’ icon on the top right and enter ‘CIO’ and then tap ‘search’ on the keyboard

5. Tap ‘Select all’

6. Tap ‘Update Group’

[iPhone] I frequently visit a city I used to live in where a lot of my friends live – how can I use addappt to do better to meet them during my visits?

1. Create a new group (say ‘London’) as shown in the video here

2. Tap on that ‘London’ group from the home screen

3. Tap on the pencil icon on the top right to edit the group

4. Tap the ‘search’ icon on the top right and enter ‘London’ and then tap ‘search’ on the keyboard

5. Tap ‘Select all’

6. Tap ‘Update Group’

[iPhone and Android] I have a big extended family – can I create a family group easily?

Yes especially if your last name is a little unique.

1. Create a new group (say ‘Brito’) as described above

2. Tap on that ‘Brito’ group from the home screen

3. Tap on the pencil icon on the top right to edit the group

4. Tap the ‘search’ icon on the top right and enter ‘Brito’ and then tap ‘search’ on the keyboard. [If most of them happen to live in town or city, search by that town name instead > Select All > Deselect individually the few who are not family]

5. Tap ‘Select all’

6. Tap ‘Update Group’

Alternatively, you can search for individuals by name and select them individually and update the group.

[iPhone] Can I invite a group of contacts (that I created) easily?

Yes. On the home screen, swipe left across that group – the left most icon enables you to invite all those contacts in that group to connect with you on addappt with a couple of taps.

[iPhone and Android] What can I do with the groups I have created?
  • You can email them all together [Share a link, send an email for an event etc.]
  • You can text them all together [make announcements, check the whereabouts of friends going out together etc.]
  • (iOS only) You can email multiple photos privately (how to video here) to them so you do not have have to share them online.
    [This is best for photos you do not want to share online or the recipients are not using the same online service and you want to be sure they are seen.]* See How-To Videos section to learn how to do the above
  • (iOS Only) You can send them a group tapp notification
[iPhone and Android] How do I remove contacts from a group?
  • Tap the group on the home screen. (The group members appear in a list)
  • To remove a contact, tap the pencil icon to edit.
  • Your whole address book appears in a list form with icons to select/deselect contacts.
  • Deselect the the contacts you wish to remove from the group.
  • You can search for specific contacts by tapping the search icon (magnifying glass).
  • Then tap Update Group.
[iPhone and Android] How do I delete a group?


Tap the pencil icon on the right of ‘My Groups’ on the home screen. Tap the red delete sign on the left of the group name.


1. Swipe left across the group you wish to delete
2. tap the delete icon

[iPhone and Android] If I delete a group of my contacts, will it delete the contacts in my address book as well?


They will still be available under ‘All Contacts’ or any other groups you also had them in.

[Note: The group itself will be deleted from your native address book on your iPhone]

[iPhone] Am I limited to sending only 5 photos via email like the iPhone’s Photo app?

You can send as many as you want (to individual contacts and groups you have created) as email attachments as long as it within the attachment limit of your email service provider. Very often it is 25MB.

[iPhone and Android] Do the contacts in my group need to have addappt to get my group text messages or photos?

No – they will only need a phone with text enabled and an email address to receive your photos.

[iPhone] How many photos can I email to a group (or individual) as an attachment?

The only limit for sending photos is that set by your email provider (usually 25 MB). We frequently send anywhere from 15-50 photos to our families. To send more photos, use the lower resolution option provided by the iPhone.

[iPhone] Can I use addappt on my iPod, iPad iPad mini?

Yes but it is not optimized for that format and you will not be able to make calls with it. You can definitely use it to connect with your friends to get their latest information, create and manage your groups and message them.

How can I ‘disconnect’ with someone I am currently connected to?

Delete the contact and they will not receive any updates to any of the future changes you make to your contact information

My friend has my email address and I have his, but we aren’t showing up as connected. Why?

1. Make sure your friend is also signed up with addappt.
2. Make sure you have the addappt verified email of your friend. If you do have it, he should have received a request and if he did (you can check by looking under the ‘addappted’ > ‘Requested’ list), he needs to accept it.

Which phone number or email does addappt’s ‘quick action’ toolbar select?

addappt created that toolbar to make it more efficient to do things we do everyday often i.e calling, texting or emailing someone from our contact list.

The toolbar picks up the top listed phone number and/or email for that individual contact. If you wish to change the selection in the toolbar for that contact, simply edit the contact and change the order of the listing of your contact’s details.

I can’t find my code to login. What do I do?

Check your email and your spam. If you can’t find it, email us at help@addappt.com.

How do I delete my addappt account?

Email help@addappt.com any time and we will delete it from our servers. Please put “Delete Account” in the subject line and email us from your verified email address.

[iPhone] I created a group, but it didn’t appear in my groups list. Why?

Make sure that you tap “Done” in the upper right hand corner after you create a group. If you are still having the problem, email us at help@addappt.com.

[iPhone] I sent photos, but the person didn’t receive an email. Why?

Email service providers have limitations on the total size of the attachment – a maximum of 25 MB is a good rule of thumb.

I am connected to myself multiple times – how did that happen?

Often users are not aware of the duplicates they have of themselves in their address book.
Simply delete all the contacts of yourself in the connected list.

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